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Metaphysical Experience with Hypnosis
Where:West End Community Centre, Vancouver
When:June 10 - 17, 2017 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Cost:$54/2 Sessions

Contact Information
Phone:6046874325Email:[javascript protected email address]

A yoga exercise for your mind, in this two-weekend, six-hour workshop, we will induce trance state through guided hypnosis, so that you will access your higher self, meet your spirit guides, contact spirits, enhance healing abilities that you innately have… We’ll also have some fun by reading aura, performing automatic writing, and preparing for lucid dreams and out of body experiences… In this safe and secure environment, you can not only visit non-physical, but also realize and embrace your own power for a life YOU prefer. You’ll learn tools to re-enter the state and have some experience on your own. For more details, visit: https://kemilahypnosis.com/news-and-events/metaphysical-hypnosis/

Contact: Kemila Zsange

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