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HANS is a non-profit society dedicated to ensuring Canadians have knowledge of and access to the powerful and effective properties of natural, complementary and alternative medicines and therapies.

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Journey into Past Lives
A journey through time and space, in this half-day intensive Past Life Regression session, you’ll be guided into deep trance and experience first hand past lives through regression. In this open, accepting, relaxed environment you can access several key lives you’ve lived, unveiling role..
Heal Allergies Naturally with Homeopathy
Are you suffering from seasonal allergies? Homeopathy is an exceptionally safe, effective natural medicine, trusted by over 200 million people worldwide. The workshop on Heal Allergies Naturally with Homeopathy offers an introduction to homeopathy and allergies, why they are on the rise and what you..
Self-Hypnosis for a Better Life
Learn Ways to Hypnotize Yourself. Spend six exciting Thursday evenings with us, and discover how to make the most out of your mind to give you everything you want out of life. If you want to learn pain management, weight management, and confidence-building skills, how to release fear and anxiety and..
Understanding Lab Diagnostics in Clinical Practice
Upcoming Continuing Education Course with Dr. Matthew Greenwood, ND As a holistic nutrition graduate, you develop powerful protocols based on complex diet and lifestyle assessments. However, you will encounter situations where an understanding of medical evaluations, such as laboratory testing, will..

Latest News From the Natural Wellness Industry

Canadians Have A Right To Know If They're Eating Harmful GMOs

26 April 2017 3:09AM
The GMO agritech sector and food companies have spent tens of millions of dollars in the U.S. to prevent the labelling of foods containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The public have genuine concerns about GM but are being denied the right to know if GMOs are in the food they eat. ...

Call to Action - GMO Labelling

26 April 2017 2:07AM
Dear HANS Members and Friends, Few of us are aware that there is currently a bill being debated in the House of Commons that, if passed, would establish mandatory labeling of GM (or genetically modified) food sold in Canada.  You can view the bill here. Canadians have consistently voiced...

On tap at this Harvard reunion: Head-butting over problematic sugar study

27 February 2017 12:13AM
By Ivan Oransky @ivanoransky and Adam Marcus @armarcus February 9, 2017 Sparks sometimes fly at reunions, as old romances and rivalries alike are rekindled. But at one upcoming Harvard class reunion, a unique kind of tension may be in the air: an academic dispute about some flawed...

Robert De Niro, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. offer $100K to anyone who can provide proof vaccines are safe

17 February 2017 3:21AM
Robert De Niro joined Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in Washington, D.C. on Feb. 15 to hold a press conference about vaccine safety....

How The World Can Do Better In 2017

28 December 2016 11:30AM
"Have you tried switching 2016 off and back on again?" says an IT guy in a meme sweeping Facebook. Also making rounds online is a 2016 dumpster fire ornament. Festive and topical. As 2016 draws to a close, social media is alight with jokes and posts lamenting a year that will not go...

Canadian kids may be among the least active in the word

16 November 2016 12:14AM
TORONTO -- It's well-established that Canadian children are not as active as they could be. Now a new study suggests they may be among the least active kids in the world. In June, the annual ParticipAction report card gave Canadian kids a D- for their level of physical activity, the fourth...

New York Times Takes Critical Look at False Promise of GMOs

9 November 2016 11:33AM
An article in Sunday's New York Times has struck a blow to the argument that genetically modified (GMO) crops will help "feed the world." Investigative reporter Danny Hakim's piece argues that in the last two decades GMO crops have been a mainstay in conventional agriculture...

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Refine your search to find a clinic that is:

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You can contact the professional and book your appointment through the directory.

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